Welcome to HermesAdvertisement!

In a digital-first world, where people are more likely to buy in the online space, digital marketing is a non-negotiable. While many brands are struggling with online marketing, others are outsourcing it to professionals who catapult their conversions beyond expectations. This is where we come into the picture to help every brand that is willing to take the first step to scale their business.

What we give

If you want to scale your business, marketing is a must. You have several options where you can advertise your brand or product. You can run billboard ads TV ads or hand out flyers. These ways you advertise but you can't even know if it's working and you have no sign of measurable ROI or any analytics. Or you can run online ads and know what they do to your business with exact numbers. At HermesAdvertisement, we provide you with paid advertising through social media platforms. This way you will always know what you are getting for your money and how well we perform for you.

Sounds nice?

The Founder

Greetings, I'm Álmos Koleszár the founder of HermesAdvertisement. I was born in Hungary in a small beautiful town. I studied in many different schools but it turned out that what I'm interested in is not getting taught in schools. I founded this digital marketing agency at 17 years old and I've been working effortlessly on it since then.